Green transport exhibition in Saint-Tropez!

Published on 24 September 2019 at 03:28

The first meeting of sustainable mobility began in the port. The possibility to discover transport concepts that are already on the market or are being developed.
At the heart of the mobility issue, with the accessibility issues that we know, Saint-Tropez welcomed the first international meeting of sustainable mobility.This event was free, and organized by the city in collaboration with the association Le Cinquième Elément, tests could be conducted, to discover a multitude of new ecological concepts and solutions air, sea, land. This project was a success and will be repeated. Source: Var Matin

Vélo à l'hydrogène, taxi volant, bateau solaire... Venez découvrir les transports écolo de demain à Saint-Tropez

L'entreprise AA/Rok a créé ce catamaran électrique solaire qui est auto-suffisant, peut naviguer sans se recharger dans une certaine limite de vitesse et avec de bonnes conditions d'ensoleillement.

Kirk Douglas @ Saint-Tropez

Hollywood wouldn't be what it is today if people like Kirk Douglas hadn't passed through town and made it their own. The actor, author and philanthropist, and one of the few surviving super-stars of Hollywood's golden age, has died. He was 103. In a statement his son, Michael Douglas, revealed, "It is with tremendous sadness that me and my family announce that our Father Kirk Douglas left us today at the age of 103.Photo @ Saint-Tropez 1975

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Special guest in the port!

Today a dolphin visited our harbor. Obviously this is not exceptional in the Saint-Tropez Gulf. But the fact that the dolphin swims into the harbor is rather rare. The lack of traffic in winter and the curiosity of this beautiful animal is probably the cause. 

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Grande Braderie Saint-Tropez 2019

It were 4 busy, fun and sunny days of madness on the "Grande Braderie" of Saint-Tropez 2019, Merchants are happy with the large rise of their bargain hunters. So a satisfied and successful year! Source  : Esprit Village de Saint-Tropez

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Flood in Saint-Tropez

For those who think that major floods are only of this time, in Saint-Tropez it has been happening for quite some time. Of course more frequent in recent years... This week we had heavy rainfall with the village almost completely submerged. Photos 1993

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