At the age of fifteen, Daniel Angeli discovered photography in a laboratory of the Dalmas Agency in Paris.
Fascinated by the stars he develops in the darkness, he decides to go out and meet them. Case on the shoulder, he sands the evenings, crosses myths such as Aristotle Onassis, Jacques Brel, John Lennon, Giovanni Agnelli, Liz Taylor or Edith Piaf.
In 1967 he founded the Angeli Agency and became a master in the art of so-called "human photos". Sometimes asked, often stolen, to capture moments of life of which only immediacy guarantees the truth. That earned him a somewhat sulfuric reputation.
Daniel Angeli nevertheless knew how to keep ethics essential for the job of journalist. He defines himself as a witness of his time. The one where the stars were real.
In Saint-Tropez in the summer, in Gstaad in the winter, he goes to thirty-five festivals in Cannes and rubs shoulders with the greats of this world, sometimes with accomplices.
In 1996 he meets Johnny Hallyday on the slopes of Gstaad. Since then, Daniel Angeli has been a privileged witness to the course of the Star for fifteen years, recording unique moments on his film that could only authorize genuine complicity.
Today, his enthusiasm and passion remain intact and his photos, somewhat legendary, give an unmistakable authenticity combined with great sincerity.