“And God … created the French Riviera”

From a small fishing village to a gorgeous resort on the Mediterranean coast, internationally well-known since the

50’s, SaintTropez has become the epicenter of the French Riviera and Sénéquier, its cardinal point.

The café was founded in 1930 on the harbour and on the village side, the patisserie which was established in 1887

is still there, located at the “Place Aux Herbes”.
When the first artists, writers and actors landed on the peninsula of Saint-Tropez in the late 19th century, the

Sénéquier family was already sharing their ancestral recipes: White nougat, tart tropézienne and candied fruits.

The large red terrace with its splendid view over the harbour came much later, as a ” Tea Room ” at first, a frame

for the homemade pastries and sweets, and then, as ” Le Café Sénéquier “,

a privileged observatory of the “Nouvelle Vague” (an art movement in French cinema from 1956 to 1963) and an

eternal scene of the French Riviera.



29 Quai Jean Jaurès, 83990 Saint-Tropez, France


Tel: +33 4 94 97 20 20

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