La Ponche


“La Ponche was then (in 1958) a refuge. A place for resting, enjoying and writing”


“Days went by in a carefree and pleasine atmosphere. We chatted for hours then we went for a swim,

followed by a nap before enjoying dinner on the port”.

Juliette Greco remembers.  “I got out of bed, opened the shutters,

and saw the sea and the sky radiating the same blue,

the same pink, the same happy feeling” Françoise Sagan.

“At La Ponche, there is still that mythical hotel where we once felt “at home”, where stayed Françoise Sagan,

Juliette Gréco and a whole crowd of amusing pals...

These were the good, easy going times, when all was simple and true”. Brigitte Bardot.  

These testimonies and tokens of affection are a perfect reflection of the family spirit prevailing in the hotel.

While greeting great personalities as well as all true Saint-Tropez fans seeking harmony and serenity,

La Ponche is a true home with a special soul.

As would a family, we like to give special attention to each one of our guests.


La Ponche


2-6 Rue de la Ramparts, 83990 Saint-Tropez, France


Tel: +33 4 94 97 02 53

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