Saint-Tropez Weather

Saint-Tropez is a popular tourist port on the Cote d'Azur in France.

This place has a mediterranean climate with mild winters, warm summers and relatively little rainfall

in the summer months.

With almost three thousand hours of sunshine per year, it is one of the sunniest destinations in France

and very popular with the international jet set.

On the yachts you will find a large number of national and international stars during the summer.

In the summer months there is a chance of rain that often falls in the form of sometimes

very spicy stormy showers.

In general, most days are full of sunshine and very pleasant summer weather.

Spring is somewhat less stable due to the relatively cold seawater and the chance of cold air

being supplied by land.

In the fall it is often a matter of being lucky. You can have wonderful days in September and October,

but the chance of a period with gray skies and rain increases the closer you get to November.

The best travel time for Saint-Tropez is from May to October, in which you have a pleasant or

warm temperature and hardly any precipitation.

The highest average temperature in Saint-Tropez is 29 ° in July and the lowest is 14 ° in January.