Johnny Halliday in Saint-Tropez

French rocker Johnny Hallyday, who turned 76 last Saturday, died in December 2017 in the Paris region. His death had caused a strong emotion for millions of French people. On June 1, 2019, the "Johnny Hallyday in Saint-Tropez" exhibition started, in the "Gendarmerie et du Cinéma" museum, it had 10,000 visitors in the meantime. We discover Johnny's entire life in Saint-Tropez, where he was came and spent his vacation for 40 years!
This is the memory of the Tropezians and their friend Johnny, his generous and simple side. Although he sold his house, he kept coming in the summer. When he arrived in the Gulf for festive holidays with his friends Eddy Barclay and Eddy Mitchell, there was always a fantastic atmosphere. In 1989 he built the mythical "Lorada" on two hectares in Ramatuelle, which he reluctantly sold on in 2000.
One of his last journeys was there in 2014. Johnny really liked the simplicity of the people, the holiday atmosphere, very relaxed without all the paparazzi, he loved driving around with his motorcycle and going out. A nightclub owner borrowed the photos of Johnny who had partys with his friends, says the curator. On 70 m2, fans are surprised and see the motorcycle used by the French rocker in Saint-Tropez, the plans of his villa or the boxing gloves he used with his coach, as well as a very realistic silicone statue.
In addition to photos by the official photographer of the star Daniel Angeli, many of which have not been published. The Tropezians have made their photo albums available, which is what is interesting in this exhibition. Open until 1 June 2020.

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Posted by Saint Tropez Magazine on Tuesday, May 5, 2015