Bar "Sube" Saint-Tropez


A balcony over the Gulf of Saint-Tropez


A haven of peace overlooking Saint-Tropez Peninsula

The SUBE is a 3-star hotel located on the port of Saint-Tropez, close to the heart of the village.

Elegance and discretion are in place in this building of insiders where you would expect

to meet Alexandre Dumas or Hemingway 

The balcony of the SUBE Hotel (the oldest in the city) is a privileged place. 

The five tables of his small terrace are let down without waiting. 

The view is magic! The gleaming yachts, the tall ships with their crews that polish the bridge, and further in the

frame, the blue of the sea and the sky …

Proud of a unique “savoir-recevoir”, which has been a school for more than 2 centuries, the SUBE hotel

is a model of the Saint-Tropez lifestyle!


Hotel Sube


23, Quai du Bailli de Suffren, 83990 Saint-Tropez France

Tel: +33 494 97 30 04

Rating: 4 stars
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