"Provencal" Market

Saint-Tropez is known as home for the rich and those who want to seem rich.

In the summer it can be very busy in the narrow shopping streets of Saint-Tropez with tourists coming to see it.

The well-known, far too expensive, brand-name shops of Saint-Tropez can be found in the triangle

Place des Lices, Rue Gambetta and Rue Allard.

But we have the market of Saint Tropez ...
On Saturday and Tuesday there is a nice market in the morning under the trees of the Place des Lices.

Not so expensive and very pleasant to shop, you will find all Provencal specialties,

thousands of herbs and condiments.

In addition to fruit and vegetables, you can also buy leather sandals, antiques and curiosities,

clothing and French pottery at this colorful market.

The most beautiful market is undoubtedly the vegetable market at the port of Saint Tropez

on the Place Aux Herbes.

You can buy fish, fruit, vegetables and flowers at the market.

The market is held on a picturesque square. A square cannot look much more French. Around 1 p.m.

the stalls are cleared, the market is emptyand the terraces around Place des Lices are full.