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Event calendar Saint-Tropez

Finally, from April to the end of October, Saint-Tropez offers a range of events that are worthy of its reputation.

The famous Voiles de Saint-Tropez, the Giraglia Rolex Cup, the Bailli de Suffren Trophy and the Latin Sails,

for lovers of modern sailing boats or old sailing ships.

The Euro-festival Harley-Davidson or Paradis Porsche, for lovers of beautiful mechanics.

The nights of the Moutte castle, the evenings of the Citadel, the Do You Saint-Tropez festival for music lovers.

And again a fashion show, a wine show, a big sale ... for celebrating Christmas in Saint-Tropez!

With four museum locations with the Maison des Papillons - Dany Lartigue Museum,

the cultural offer of the city is even more accessible thanks to the commissioning since

2 May 2017 of a discount card «Museums of Saint-Tropez" (MUST) that gives access to all museums

for only 10 euro will be allowed in. It is a "MUST", another one, for Saint-Tropez!

source: Ville de Saint-Tropez

Upcomming events in Saint-Tropez

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