La Bravade de Saint-Tropez

La Bravade de Saint-Tropez



Since 1558 this is the way the Tropéziens celebrate their town’s religious

and military festival on 16, 17 and 18 May.

Every year at the same date the villagers of Saint-Tropez wake up to the sound of cannon fire.

Under the authority of the Town Captain and the Cepoun, the Provençal name for the guardian of

the traditions of the town,these special celebrations can now begin.

Every year the villagers dress up in military uniforms, beat the tambour and fire their muskets

in a magnificent procession, proudly passing through the streets.

The procession « has always reflected just how attached the Tropéziens are to their religious

and military history and heritage»: 700 village families are involved in the celebrations.

This honour is reserved only for "The Tropeziens". Based on the historical defenders of Saint-Tropez,

the La Bravade unites the population in the celebration of a 450 year old tradition, which remains

intact and has continued up to the present day.

History: The Bravade celebrations commemorate the arrival of the body of

Saint-Tropez’s Patron Saint, Saint TORPES, in the year 68.

He had refused to give up his Christian faith and been beheaded by the Emperor Nero.

His body was put into a boat in Pisa and left to float away.

The Christian villagers found the boat washed-up on the shore, hid the body of the Martyred Saint

and built a chapel in his name. Torpes eventually became Tropez.

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