Alicia Noël

Published on 1 July 2019 at 01:27

Innovative self-taught creator of works made from reliefs and mixtures of materials that give a very deep dimension,
This way Alicia Noël lets us travel in her artistic world
power that she releases so colorfully, so clearly ...

The night clock tower, the logos of precious signs, the metallic colors, the harmony between shadow and light, she visually feeds on her encounters that are offered to her! 

After 4 years of applied arts in Paris, leading her to the graphic design profession, Alicia Noël finds herself in the art of painting where she creates her unique universe that resembles her. Strong and contrasting colors, from black to white, from red to transparent, she mixes the materials, the reliefs and the transparencies, which makes her work very deeply.


Rating: 5 stars
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